Yamunotri Yatra

Date : 25 Jun 2019

Yatra to Yamunotri

Chinmaya Mission, Delhi under the guidance of Swami Prakarshananda organized a Yatra to Yamunotri from June 25-29.. Thirty two pilgrims from Delhi, Goa, Kolkatta and Pune accompanied Swamiji on this Yatra.

From Delhi, the group traveled to Dehradun and then onto Barkot before reaching Janki Chatti on the third day. Janki Chatti acts as a hub for the pilgrims traveling to Yamunotri temple which is a six kilometre trek from this point. While a few Chinmaya yatris decided to trek to the temple others chose ponies and palkis as their mode of transportation. At the temple, a local priest performed pooja for the group and offered prasad to everyone. A few group members took a dip in Yamuna’s holy water while others sprinkled water on themselves as an act of purification. Several yatris collected water in bottles to bring home to their families.

The pilgrimage was divine indeed. Spiritual chants and spirit of oneness with all combined with Spectacular mountains, snow covered peaks, gorgeous waterfalls and lush green vegetation made the pilgrimage a blessing from Mata Yamuna.  Swami Prakarshananda’s morning and evening satsangs on life, self improvement, and self awareness added to the spirituality of the journey. Additionally, all yatris revelled in following swamiji’s lead in chanting bhajans, stotrams and verses from Bhagwad Geeta during bus journeys to Dehradun, Barkot, Janki Chatti, Rishikesh and back to Delhi.

Yamunotri Dham yatra concluded on reaching Delhi on the fifth day. All yatris went home knowing that their pilgrimage had transformed them at some level and that they would always cherish the memories and bonds formed during the trip.