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Study Classes - Discover through Discussion

"Let us analyse life, question its experiences, argue with ourselves and note carefully how much we put into life and how much as a return, we gain from life. By questioning and raising doubts we open up the cistern of Knowledge locked up in our own bosom."

-  Swami Chinmayananda

Systematic regular exercise tones the body. Similarly, CHYK classes are mind-gyms, where youth grow through a planned programme aimed to sharpen the intellect, shed off doubts, shape up characters and strengthen convictions. They are weekly discussion forums for like-minded youth to gain an understanding of life and its principles.

The classes are interactive reading and discussion sessions where participants study a Vedantic text based on the syllabus developed by Swami Chinmayananda and supplemented by Swami Tejomayananda. Trained moderators and class coordinators guide students to reflect deeply, examine critically, and debate positively. Based on their individual comprehension and personal experiences, students gain meaningful and practical insights into scriptural texts.

‘Keep studying. Keep enquiring. Keep asking questions.’ was Swami Chinmayananda’s advice to the youth. CHYKS are encouraged to:

  • ·    Disagree, doubt and question every statement
  • ·    Challenge conventional notions and ideas
  • ·    Back every belief by firm logical understanding and practical application
  • Thus, they come to broaden their own horizons, analyse, appreciate and live the teachings based on the strength of their thinking and convictions.

    "Study classes inspire me to keep the mind above the storms of my heart and thereby achieving goals of my life in the righteous manner."

    – Apoorva Yadav, Noida

    CHYK Curriculum

    "Symmetrical growth is essential for the human personality. To the CHYKs, we have given a programme which has two aspects; one, a detailed programme of work – social and cultural; the other, cleaning the within, and striving to understand through study."

    – Swami Chinmayananda

    CHYK classes are not random discussions, but based on a well-designed syllabus, keeping youth psychology in mind. This syllabus was originally created by Swami Chinmayananda, and later modified and implemented more widely by Swami Tejomayananda. Study and discussion based on the suggested texts in the prescribed order is important and followed by the moderators in order to develop systematic understanding and logical thought development.

    The aim is not just to increase awareness among the youth, but to make them arrive at the right convictions through rational thinking so that they live life with a higher vision and purpose.

    CHYK classes function at three levels: Junior CHYK - 13-15 Year olds; CHYK - 16-24 year olds and Senior CHYK - 25-30 year olds.  Each study class is of 90 minutes duration. The first 15 minutes are for chanting. One hour is for discussion and 15 minutes are devoted to the study of a text as per the CHYK study curriculum, given below. These are recommended guidelines. Each group adapts and enhances the syllabus according to their specific requirements.

    Junior CHYK

    Prescribed Texts (in order of study) and Duration of study:

    1. 1.    The Game of Life -  8 weeks
    2. 2.    An  Altar in Life Alters Your Life - 2 weeks
    3. 3.    I Love You Letters – 12 weeks
    4. 4.    Why do we – 8 weeks
    5. 5.    Hanuman Chalisa – 16 weeks
    6. 6.    Vibhisana-gita – 8 weeks
    7. 7.    The Art of God Symbolism – 12 weeks
    8. 8.    The Power of Prayer – 8 weeks
    9. 9.    Parables – 12 weeks
    10. 10.   We Stand as One Family-Pledge – 4 weeks


    Prescribed Texts (in order of study) and Duration of study:

    Nine years is the prescribed period for a CHYK. This is the right time to learn how to live dynamically and unleash one’s potentialities. The following texts have been planned for 8 years considering holidays etc.:

    1. 1.    We Must... – 24 weeks
    2. 2.    A Manual of Self Unfoldment - 2 years
    3. 3.    Kindle Life – 52 weeks
    4. 4.    Bhaja Govindam – 24 weeks
    5. 5.    Hindu Culture – 24 weeks
    6. 6.    Sadhana Panchkam – 12 weeks
    7. 7.    Jivan Sutrani – 12 weeks
    8. 8.    Victorious Youth – 24 weeks
    9. 9.    Right Thinking – 8 weeks
    10. 10.    Secret of Action – 4 weeks
    11. 11.    Ponder A While – 32 weeks
    12. 12.    Towards Greater Success – 12 weeks
    13. 13.    Say Cheese – 12 weeks
    14. 14.    Vision of the Bhagavad-gita – 1 year

    All listed texts are Chinmaya Publications and may be ordered through your nearest Chinmaya Mission centre.

    "Our studies must carve out of us mighty soldiers of power and intelligence, of character and heroism, to lead the country and its history into the peaks of glory and sunshine."

    – Swami Chinmayananda

    Camps and Workshops

    Camps Camps are an all-in-one package of talks, discussions, games, interactive sessions and adventure, complete with nostalgic memories, friends and life lessons. A camp may have 50 - 800 people in one location.

    While the events differ in style and content, the purpose and result of positive and uplifting energy that characterises every CHYK activity pervades everyone - event organizers, participants and spectators. All events are planned and organized under the auspices of Chinmaya Mission's host of acharyas, who motivate, guide and strengthen CHYKs on their journey of inner purity and evolution.

    "CHYK is an answer to all emotional, social and spiritual needs, a huge family where the youth are full of fun, adventure, care and the atmosphere here is most positive."

    - Avinash N. Kumar, CHYK Noida

    Sessions, Workshops and Symposiums

    Every so often, one gets caught up with work and daily routines that constant recharging through Vedanta is needed. CHYK presents inspirational weekend-sessions on unlocking the secrets for better living and demystifying Indian culture for the youth.

    Residential retreats, one-day workshops, seminars, symposia, debates, and competitions, facilitate creative and out-of-the-box thinking. CHYKs around the world organize unique events, with catchy themes, relevant topics, and intriguing activities, to help exploit and unfurl all of one’s personality layers - physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual.

    In addition, there are a series of inspirational and unique workshops to empower youth and their families. For example, PACT is a workshop which benefits the individuals and their family by providing a better understanding of their various relationships. DROP is another unique workshop that helps CHYKS find answers to life-changing questions through the unique method of participative learning. DROP, an acronym for Dependency Regret Obsession and Pessimism guides one to Drop the right things in life and gather the right 'Drops.'

    Special Events and Movements

    CHYK has been instrumental in organizing a number of special events. One spectacular event was the National Gita Quiz conducted throughout India for tens of thousands of participants. Another event was ‘Awakening Indians to India’ - a highly successful television quiz show with a participation of 280,000 students. Planned as a three-year, three-phased national programme ‘Transforming Indians to Transform India’ (TITI) is a national movement which aims to transform the core of the country with the vision: ‘My Transformation Transforms Nation.’ Launched on 15 August 2012, it includes a quiz format (at district, state and national levels) and seminars.  The movement will culminate in 2015 with a national rally starting from four different directions (North, South, East and West) of the country, eventually converging at a central venue.

    For more information please visit TITI

    Social Service Projects

    "After exposing ourselves to the idea, the next stage requires a terrible amount of heroism. It is not only study, but we must get committed to the philosophy. How many of us are ready to get committed?"

    >– Swami Chinmayananda

    Dynamic spirituality is best exemplified through the various social service projects CHYKs have served and raised funds for over the years. Service is of two kinds: one is the act of service and other is the spirit of service. Through all their projects, programmes, knowledge sessions and activities CHYKS internalize and express the spirit of service.

    Countless CHYKs regularly undertake teaching value-based living to children and teenagers in slums, organizing and serving at eye clinics in remote villages, planning and managing mobile medical services, and conducting blood drives for various blood banks and hospitals.

    There are numerous medical centres, orphanages, hospitals, villages where regular service is rendered by the youth. A wonderful example is the Anant Free Medical Centre in Tamaraipakkam in Chennai where thousands of villagers are treated in weekly medical camps. Youth from India and abroad also take time off and serve for a few months at the various branches of CORD – Chinmaya Organisation for Rural Development. During national calamities - Kargil war, Gujarat and Latur earthquakes, and Tsunami - CHYKs took up various relief, long term rehabilitation and counselling projects.

    "Selfless love, service and standing up for a higher cause have been instilled in me through CHYK."

    – Akanksha Sinha, Noida

    For opportunities to serve you may mail us at

    Culture & Arts

    Why are there so many poojas, festivals, temples and rituals in Hinduism? At CHYK, Indian culture is celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm with right understanding of why we do, what we do. The end objective of all these activities and programmes is to soak up the underlying message of the Rishis. Be it music, dance, drama, or finance, marketing and event management, CHYK serves as a motivating resource for youth to develop their talents in service of something greater than themselves.

    Theatre is one of the dynamic expressions of learning. Born out of the inspired vision of Swami Chinmayananda, the first play, Kamban Ramayana, was a big-budget performance involving celebrities including the renowned playback singer S. Balasubramanium and others. Audiences adored it and it was a spectacular hit. Since then there has been no looking back. Chinmaya Yuva Kendra has produced more than 15 successful plays such as Surya 108, LOC, Gyan Ganga, Death, Adrshya, India 2047, Drop and Colours of Krishna.

    With over 300 shows across the world, these performances help people showcase the messages of the Masters, in innovative ways. While the public at large benefits from the musical performances and grand theatrical productions, the true beneficiaries are the CHYKs who get the opportunity to express themselves and fundraise to serve hundreds of thousands through the Mission’s numerous social service projects.

    "Even in our life, through our prarabdha (destiny) is already written, we as directors have the full freedom to change the outcome of our life drama by choosing the manner of our response or the style of our direction. And as much as a good director is vital to a drama, so much is the importance to direct our life by noble thoughts."

    - Pankti Mehta, Mumbai

    CHYK field trips are some of the most physically adventurous and spiritually uplifting activities, for they promote stimulating teamwork, striking confidence, exceptional leadership and lasting friendships. The trips encourage learning through thrilling adventure sessions so that the youth are able to face their fears and transcend their own limitations.

    "Ever since I joined CHYK in 2008, each experience has provided me with valuable lessons which have made me a more complete person....Paragliding was yet another ‘excuse’ to evolve."

    - Bhavin Pamnani, Spain

    Adventure and extreme sports is a great way to develop a single-pointed mind. Whether under the cloak of rigorous trekking, white water rafting, mountain climbing, or motorcycle rallies, CHYKs are focussed on the teachings of Vedanta. They become fearless and confident to break their mental boundaries, channelise their energy and strengthen their powers of concentration, endurance, and laughter. Through their CHYK adventures, participants gain personal insights into the Vedantic truth that man’s true nature is limitless and filled with infinite potential.


    CHYK has organised yatras to Gaumukh, Leh-Ladakh, Kailash-Mansarovar, Amarnath, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and many more locations to discover the immeasurable wonders of the land of Bharat. These journeys are undertaken not just to explore India as casual tourists but as spiritual travelers seeking answers, meaning and new experiences.

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