• The study of Vedanta is a sacred and ancient tradition, imparted in a gurukula setting. In Sanskrit ‘kula’ means family and ‘guru’ means teacher. A gurukula is a place where the students and the guru reside together and form a family. This system of constant interaction between them enables the students to learn not only from the words of their teacher but also from the teacher’s daily living. >>Read More
  • Chinmaya Mission’s Youth Empowerment Programme (YEP) is a value-based leadership programme for young graduates having a keen desire to learn Indian culture and serve the country. YEP germinated from the glorious vision of Swami Chinmayananda who believed that youth have energy, enthusiasm and a sense of adventure. >>Read More
  • Chinmaya Mission’s Dharma Sevak Course is a six-week residential Vedanta course primarily for householders interested in intensive scriptural studies. Aimed at individual inner transformation, the course enables students to learn spiritual knowledge and share it with society as dedicated sevaks of dharma, for “dharmena dharyate lokah” (It is dharma that sustains the world). >>Read More
  • Indian culture is admired the world over for its beauty and depth. There is either a scientific or a spiritual rationale for the Indian traditions. Philosophy is the theoretical aspect of religion, whereas rituals are the practical aspect. Selfless service, japa, puja, sandhya-vandanam and so on, enable an individual to develop an integrated personality. But one needs to perform these with the proper understanding and faith to bring about the desired effect. >>Read More
  • Swami Chinmayananda initiated a unique method to study the essence of Vedanta, in the form of easy lessons, without any books, at home. He specially designed this course to cater to different types of students all over the world for the subjective development of their personality without interfering with their official, social or domestic commitments. >>Read More