Chinmaya Mission Delhi

The hospital runs a free OPD for about 1000 patients a month. 19% of beds are in concessional wards where services are given at lower cost. 20% concession is given to senior citizens in wards, nursing and lab investigations. Poor patients are given concessions (from a welfare fund) and those undergoing dialysis are reimbursed 30% of the charges.

Community Services

In order to do service to the community through detection, prevention and treatment of diseases, the Hospital has several outreach programs. The Well Baby Clinic which runs every Saturday the Immunisation Programme for children has been well received. Camps for Cancer Detection, Diabetes, Bone Densitometry, Women’s Health, Paediatrics, Ophthalmology and liver diseases amongst others have been organised. Blood Donation Camps are conducted regularly. In collaboration with Maya Foundation, an NGO, corrective surgeries are also conducted on children.

"Chinmaya Mission Hospital is a good hospital if you are looking for qualified doctors. Most of the doctors are consultants in other diagnostic clinics also. The same people who feel uncomfortable consulting with them in CMH are comfortable to meet them at other diagnostic centres as the rush is less there. As it is a charity hospital, consultation and other lab charges are less compared to other hospitals. Only discomfort is you need to be in a long queue."

Patient: George, June 18, 2010

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